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Fancy a journey through time about your creative ability? OK! I'll take you with me ...

We are in the year 1246. In an inn, we warm ourselves with the crackling fire of the fireplace and the alcohol we slip down our throats. The mud on our boots slowly dries and falls down on the sandy stone floor. Outside, it is raining cats and dogs. In our midst stands a strikingly small man in colorful clothes. This jester of the passing circus, loudly claims to be able to see into the future.

"There will come a time when people will move en masse in large steel birds, to cover thousands of kilometers in a few hours." His voice sounds like a scratching crow. We laugh at this absurd idea and look at each other amused, but continue to listen to this strange figure with fascination.

"Also, it will become possible to milk hundreds of cows at the same time without another human being present."

One of us now bursts into laughter and we cannot help but laugh out loud with him.. The jester now has to raise his voice considerably. With everything else he proclaims, our roaring laughter only increases. The booze flows richly. This evening, we all forget our miserable poverty and the pain in our bones from hard work.

Fast forward. We arrived in 2097. Through an entrance in the middle of one of the great nature reserves in the Netherlands, we took an elevator down deep underground. All around us, we see large stands of various types of grass. A tray goes around with beautiful-looking snacks. We taste. Everything is delicious. The guide looks amused at our eagerness with which we take in all the new flavors.

"We used to need cow's milk to make cheese, but these days we make this and many other healthy foods from grass!"

He talks about the time, some 70 years ago, when people were at their wits' end because the lifestyle they were living at the time was squeezing nature. People hardly saw any solutions to restore the balance between man and nature. "The whole world stage was turbulent in many areas."

A few of us nod. We know the stories of our ancestors. "So much has changed since then," says one of us.

"Who could have imagined then that now we would travel around in planes without polluting the air?" Agreeing nods. The sound of teeth on crackers.

"Yes," says a strikingly small man in colorful clothes, "who knows how we will soon be able to lift gravity so we no longer need planes to move around." His voice is reminiscent of a crow. We look back at him and laugh smugly at this absurd idea.

OK. Paying attention now. Our next leap seems to be about the need of becoming vegetarian, but in fact, this is about our ability to create.

Yours too.

Stay with it for a while;). It becomes clear soon.

It is 19 October 2022. We watch TV and witness the conversation between Eva Jinek, a famous host on Dutch TV, and Jaap Korteweg, founder of the Vegetarian Butcher. We hear about the global impact he is having with his innovations in meat substitutes and also how far he is now with making cheese products from grass. "Maybe this will solve the problems we have now around CO2, agriculture, and animal husbandry," Jinek says, roughly in these words.

"Well," he responds. "Who will say? What we do know is that things can change quickly!"

Back to the here and now. The broadcast is behind us and we know that there are many more people like Jaap Korteweg who manage to realize their visions with great manifestation power. Elon Musk, Boyan Slat, Daan Roosegaarde. Just a small list from a big list of change agents, all with great creative power.

And now: what do they have to do with your creative power?


I am really not going to claim that we are all capable of turning world-changing ideas into a tangible reality. What I do claim is that, like them, we all possess the ability to create a life in which we can bring a certain desired future to ourselves. That desired future can already be about something 'simple' like creating more time, peace and freedom for ourselves, or work that brings out all your talents.


  • First of all, by continuing to believe in POSSIBILITIES, instead of focusing on what is not possible, colored by past experiences (and the last thing happens many times unconsciously);

  • by (re)learning to trust your intuition and what your heart and gut feeling are telling you;

  • by daring to reflect on yourself, and to feel what potential presents itself from the future to which you want to connect;

  • by seeing that you ALWAYS create with your imagination and that your current reality comes about partly because of that.

Do this consciously and be your own witness of how you can have more influence on the course of your (working) life....


In my training 'Visionary Leadership, leading from future potential', I help leaders connect with their creative potential so that they get the most out of themselves, their employees and organization with greater ease and joy. Look for new dates here.

Need guidance, personally or with your team? Contact me here.

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