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Hi, I am Willy

I believe

...That if we are willing to stretch our thinking boxes and also engage our hearts and intuition, the creation of the desired future is within reach.

After graduating from art school, I retrained and started a leadership company with my then-lover.

This company existed for almost 20 years.


I was responsible for the internal organization and managed about 30 professionals associated

with the company. Together with clients and my partner, I shaped the best possible solutions

for all our clients' needs.


All these years I also provided many training and coaching programs.


For a long time I felt like a 'fish in the water'.

Yet, despite all the success, after a few years it began to gnaw.

Inwardly I knew that
something had to chance

.... drastically.


Although I did not yet have a clear picture of what my life would look like, I knew that something more meaningful was emerging.


We decided to let go of everything and make room to discover the new.


In the time that followed, I discovered my deeper grounds.

I found out how strong my intuition is and how much I can trust what my heart tells me.


I'm glad I had the courage to make decisions that went completely against normally accepted rational considerations.

It ultimately led to situations that are now so much better than I could have imagined beforehand.


That's why I now help leaders who know that more is possible, to lead from their heart

and intuition, and to let go of old things that no longer work.


And then, from a larger and sustainable vision, to use the full potential of themselves, their employees and the organization.


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