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For leaders of the future

I am Willy.


I help experienced executives develop into visionary leaders.


Do you believe that much more is possible than what the current situation seems to reflect?


Do you want to use all the potential of yourself & your organization to create a new reality with a sustainable vision as a basis?


Then you have come to the right place.


Visionary leaders...

... know that the possibilities that present themselves from the future hold great promise.


Most people tend to let past experiences guide their imagination about the future and therefore they (unconsciously) think in terms of limitations.


Visionary leaders connect with what is possible and thus draw the future towards themselves.


Our world is becoming more and more complex and changes follow each other in rapid succession.  Decisions that are mainly made on the basis of rationality are not well-founded or sustainable.


These times call for new ways of creating with leaders who have the courage to let go of existing frameworks.

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Leading from
the future potential


Traditional leaders primarily utilize their ratio. They steer from the knowledge and experience

they gained to date.

Visionary leaders go a step further. They are connected to their heart and intuition and

dare to trust them. They know that they can make a much greater impact precisely because of this.


Visionary leaders:

  • leave 'reactive leadership' behind;

  • know what the future of an organization can look like. They recognize the full potential, even before it is visible;

  • are connected to their heart and intuition. In this way they create stability and peace;

  • radiate confidence;

  • use the full potential of themselves, their employees, and the organization.


Recognizable? Do you also want to develop yourself into a visionary leader?

Sign up for the training 'visionary leadership, leading from the future potential'.


About me

My name is Willy van den Brand.


I believe that the time has come for us, as human beings, to use the greater potential that we have at our disposal.

If we are willing to stretch our thinking and use other abilities as well, so much more is possible in terms of creating a desired future. Click here for more...

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working with me

Develop yourself as a visionary leader during a practical training.





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Do you want to maximize the implementation of visionary leadership in your organization?

I guide you 1-on-1, so you can make this your own


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Develop a vision with a view to the future together with your team. Together you set these down step by step.



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Download brochure

Would you like to receive more detailed information about Visionary Leadership and what I can do for you? Download the brochure here.

Or contact me here   with me for a no-obligation appointment.

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