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team coaching

Why team coaching?

If, as a leader, you want to implement a new vision within your organization, you may have to deal with

an obstinate practice. Because, possibly, not everyone is (yet) ready for the change you already envision.


To involve your team in the development and implementation of a vision with a view to the future,

I can temporarily 'walk along' with you and your team. This can take the form of

specific team meetings, short workshops, and individual coaching or a combination of these.


Every organization and team is unique. After an extensive intake, I make a tailor-made proposal, aimed at making maximum use of the potential of all employees.


Download brochure

Would you like to receive more detailed information about Visionary Leadership and what I can do for you? Download the brochure here.

Or contact me here   with me for a no-obligation appointment.

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